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Review dateDecember 9, 2012
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QCell 6200mAh for Samsung Galaxy Note II Extended Battery + Black & White Back Cover Review


Up for testing is the QCell 6200mAh battery for the Galaxy Note 2, with a white and black cover.  

In this, and my other reviews, I test the battery with a CBA-IV battery analyzer, and post the chart along with any other useful information here.  The test results are presented in two parts: a png chart, and a PDF printout with text information too.  

More information about how I conduct testing is available here.  I also update the Facebook page dedicated to reviews at


QCell 6200mAh cell part number picture

SWB12J14001S +4.35V

I got this battery from Amazon on 11/23/2012 for $23.99.  In the package is a battery and two battery covers.  As seen in the featured photo at the top, the 

QCell 6200mAh back covers do NOT have NFC.  The battery cells are model SWB12j14001s.


Test results

Capacity: 6210mAh out of 6200mAh (100.2%)

Basic Chart

Detailed Chart

 QCell 6200mAh battery chart PDF icon


Verdict for the QCell 6200mAh battery: conditionally recommended.

Without NFC, I can’t recommend this battery.  It does deliver the promised capacity, and comes with multiple battery covers, so depending on the price, it’s worth considering.

 My rating: conditionally recommended.

Review by: Andrew Heyn

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