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Review dateOctober 7, 2012
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Gorilla Gadgets 4500mAh Battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3

Gorilla Gadgets 4500mAh battery does give you extra capacity for your money – about 310mAh more than Hyperion’s extended battery.  It really delivers the capacity claimed, testing at 4550mAh out of 4500mAh, and pleasantly surprising me in the process.  This is highest capacity battery I have tested for the Galaxy S3, and if you find it around $20 it’s a good deal.

The packaging is very similar to the QCell battery, but the battery cover is the same one that comes with the Anker battery.  The plastic is a bit thicker than the QCell/Hyperion battery covers, but is shaped just different enough that the QCell TPU won’t fit on it.  You can also see the antenna of the NFC circuit in the pictures, so this definitely has that. 


If you need the absolute best runtime, this battery will do better than Anker, Hyperion, Mugen, and Onite.  If you can get it at a good price, I rate it: recommended.


I took a careful look at the marking on the battery cell, and compared it to my other extended batteries.  The Gorilla Gadgets, Hyperion, and Mugen batteries have identical markings: SWB495060AR/12F25001 +4.35.  Anker battery’s marking are a bit different, it appears to have a stylized logo “LD” and the part number 495060ARV/12F20S D 01.  With little more information available, there’s not a whole lot to gain by comparing part numbers.  However, I do think it’s important to document, especially since some batteries with identical markings do much better than others.

Review by: Andrew Heyn

13 thoughts on “Gorilla Gadgets 4500mAh Battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3


    How could i purchase the extended battery with cover in Pakistan, BCZ they only ship in US.


    Hey! This one is good and I want to try this one someday. Although I’m a bit hesitant but, could you advise me further please. I hope it’s really okay with my galaxy s3 phone. Thanks.


    I have no complaints about this battery. Works great!


      Can you tell me about how long this battery lasts? The previous female ask this question and no-one answered. I don’t speak techy so I don’t know what 4500 vs. 4550 really means. Please help…


        The difference between 4500 and 4550 is practically nothing in real life usage. Sorry about that; the site is meant to be technical but also usable for almost everybody.


    I think I am going to get this battery for my phone now. But I drop my phone a lot, so I use otterbox cases for my phone. I was wondering if you know if the otter box cases will fit over a new back cover for the battery or if there is something I can do that will replace it and give my phone the equal amount of protection.
    Thank you :)


    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your professional insights. After studying your reviews, I’ve decided to take this Gorilla Gadgets extended battery for my S3. I just wanna tell you that they might change their link for this battery. When I clicked “View on Gorilla Gadgets”, it showed “404 page not found”. I’ve got one from following web address:

    Thanks for your kind reviews again.



    I’m really considering getting this case but not crazy about the tpu case for it on the gorilla site.

    Do you know if the hyperion honeycomb case will fit this battery and its extended back?


    How many hours does this baterry last?
    So you mean that the gorila last more hours than the others?


    I stopped your review when looking at the Anker extended battery for the S3. I’m thinking of a present for my son who also has a S3. Any simple way to bundle the best battery/back/ and case as a present that you can suggest?
    By the way THANK YOU!
    Any S3 site that rates cases? I really want decent drop protection while preserving the thinnest look if possible.
    Finally any site you recommend for new S3 owners to learn functions, tips on battery saving, and accessories?
    Do you have a donation link?

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